The Bourgeois Nobleman by Molière

Cast List

Monsieur Jordan, a bourgeois Peter Langley
Madame Jordan, his wife Valerie Godfrey
Lucile, Monsieur Jordan's daughter Gemma Cole
Nicole, the Jordan family's maid Carole Johnsone
Cléonte, a young man in love with Lucile Adam Burden
Covielle, Cléonte's manservant Andy Dale
Dorimène, a countess Vanessa Brownlow
Dorante, a count in love with Dorimène Mark Hamlin
A Music Master David Cole
The Music Master's Pupil Gemma Cole
Bergère and Berger (singers) Helen Gillett and Andy Dale
A Dancing Master Wendy Burden
A Fencing Master Corinne Wakefield
A Philosopher Marylin Johnstone
A Tailor Elizabeth Coulter
A Tailor's Apprentice Helen Gillett
1st Page Clementine Dickson
2nd Page Natasha Gowan
The Mufti David Cole
Dancers, Cooks, Tailor's Apprentices and Turks Shirley Skeels-Piggins, Elizabeth Coulter, Sally Seviour, Wendy Burden, Helen Gillett